I’m pleased to announce the 2022 Deep Dive series.

A deep dive is an intense look at something in the professional or personal world that deserves a deeper look.

The Deep Dives are complimentary. You can join from anywhere in the world (outside of the US, please use MaestroConference Dialer via web, or Skype, to avoid long distance charges).

Your participation is valued, and won’t be “rewarded” with a sales pitch. They are not sales calls; they are life-changing conversations.  A Deep Dive is a participatory conversation. Small group breakouts are a critical part of the Deep Dive experience.

About the facilitator: David Sherrod has been facilitating conversations around important business and life topics for many years, including in this format. Guiding groups through discussion topics, questions, and co-creating an experience and learning is a skill he has refined over several years as an instructor at CoachVille Center for Coaching Mastery.

Deep Dive Topics


July 19 (TUESDAY) - Risk is always reducible
August 25 - It's all solvable, or it's not
September 22 - Delay is increasingly expensive
October 27 - There's usually a better way
November 10 - TBA
December 8 - TBA

Deep Dives are Thursdays, unless otherwise noted



January 27 - Success is a by-product
February 24 - People are doing their very, very best…
March 23 - Work is for joy
April 28 - Problems are Immediate Opportunities
May 26 - Level Up!
June 23 - Self-confidence can be arranged


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